because Robb had so much potential.

by Anonymous

· Anonymous · asked:  It's not about Theon, it's about the Starks who gave him home and family, and he didn't even realise that until it was too late. That confession is my reason why I love the Starks, because they didn't treat Theon as a prisoner but as a family member.

ADWD excerpt under the cut

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· Anonymous · asked:  Because Lyanna Stark should have married Oberyn Martell

Sorry, but personally I don’t think this confession is acceptable. This is based on an idea that fans created and it is not a reason why you love Lyanna, it’s what you wish. There are reasons on this blog that have wishes in them, but they also contain text/show canon ideas. But even if they do have somewhat text reference they can be questioned. I would also not post the “Robb should have married Margaery” even if you could all throw that one sentence line that Catelyn once thought. 

Please, don’t take this personally, I do not have any problems with any ship out there, but there needs to be a line. Maybe we could host a “What If Week” or something and then you guys could send all kinds of alternative ideas. Now that I have help we can organize anything, I think :)

Also, I forgot to put the “Rules” page when I changed the theme, now I fixed it, so you can all take a look at it. Sorry about that.

Because just like they do with Sansa, everyone sees me as a sweet and good girl who will always do as asked

by mylyannasnow

· Anonymous · asked:  Because Theon, after being hostage almost whole his life, didn't understand what it meant to be a hostage until Boltons got him.

We don’t accept confessions about Theon, except if it’s about the Starks or Theon’s relationship with one of them.

· Anonymous · asked:  Do you think Coldhands might be a character we previously knew?

Yes, it’s possible. *ADwD discussion under the read more*

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· Anonymous · asked:  I'm rather confused as to why you just posted a picture from Merlin as the background to got text?

Because my (and some other people’s) fancast of Lyanna is Katie McGrath, dear Anon :) And using caps of Morgana is an easy solution. It’s much better than using the same ‘stark house banner’ picture imo.

Because if Robert took the time to know Lyanna outside her beauty, he would have loved her for the wild she-wolf that she was, changed for her and Lyanna would have kicked ass in the rebellion, especially after hearing what The Targaryens did to her father and brother.


Because Arya never forgot her friends no matter how briefly she knew them.


Because I can imagine Catelyn being an amazing politician while Ned would be the sweetest housedad at Winterfell if the North was more like Dorne.


because they never thought they were worth more just because they were highborn.

by empireofsuck

· Anonymous · asked:  I can't wait to see Lady Stoneheart.

same Anon, same  :)

❝ Waiting for reasons guys!

*Please, remember, that I try not to post the same reasons more than once, also, I do not accepts theories (in the strict sense of theories, that has no mention in the books or the show at all)

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Because I relate to Arya more than any character. I’m short but dangerous.

· Anonymous · asked:  Because I couldn't stand Catelyn until the Red Wedding, then I fall in love with her. A little too late, don't you think?

Hey dear Anon, I know I’m late a bit, but: I’m not sure you wanted me to post this on a picture…? Since you ended it with a question. I’d say, it must feel bad to fell in love with a character after they die. (it never happened to me before) I’m glad you appreciate her character now though :) And I hope you love her pre!RW chapters/scenes since Catelyn is a very strong and amazing character and deserves lots of love :)